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About me


I certainly don't want to bore anyone going on about myself. So I thought I would just do a few lines and then make a list! which is more fun to read!

I started with PSP many years ago and have worked my way through several early versions and got stuck at X! I used to swerve distinctly toward PSP but to be honest after experiencing Photo shop Elements and now CS, I see the benefits of both, and can find myself jumping from one to the other these days quite normally now! I've had web sites on line for 8 years from the old freebie Yahoo sites to my own Domains. I really appreciated the learning curves I have negotiated both in learning graphics and also meeting people on the Net!

I live with my partner, who is very supportive of all that I do, and he enjoys my creations too he's even tested tutorials for me! I have met several friends online but most importantly I met my current partner online and we are very happy together! I have one son not living at home, and I have a small dog!


Likes: Photography: PSP: PS: History: Reading: Researching: Writing: Music: Dancing: People who have nothing to prove: Meeting people: a silly sense of Humor: Favorite foods: Japanese: Indian: Jamaican: Chinese: Bananas: Apple Pie: Chicken with Asparagus: Favorite Actors:: Denzel Washington:: Russell Crowe::Anthony Hopkins:: Things I value: My Partner: My Son: My Friends: My dog: My privacy at home: Nature :Gardening: Time to relax.

Dislike: Rudeness: Know it all's (generally they don't): Sugary sweet in-sincere people, (I see straight through them): Violence: Horror films: Jack Nicholson: People preaching religion: People talking about their operations or illnesses:" Do drop in's' (people who arrive at my house without phoning) Generally because I'm on my PC lol! Snakes: Frogs: Smell of fish: Fish in general:

Favorite web sites

  1. Jacquie Lawson e-cards
  2. Amy Remfry Digital Photography *Great easy lessons
  3. Ansell Adams *The master of Black and White
  4. Mensa Tests for fun * See how dumb you are
  5. The Odysseus Game *Great fun
  6. Tetris *Warning* This is addictive
  7. Julian Beever "Amazing"
  8. Kurt Wenner 'Be amazed again"

I'm sure I can add to this list, but for now the list is as you see it enjoy! You can find more links in my Resources

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