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Mist & blend


This tutorial shows you how to effectively use 3 or more images to make a lovely collage effect, click on the preview link below to see the finished result. You will need to download the PDF to view the tutorial, You will also need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat to view the document. You will also need to unzip the file you can right click and extract or download a Free zipping program here called 7zip


If you have never heard the term Misting before, don't worry! This type of image is called many things 'Misting' is often called faded edges, but that is not exactly the true nature of a mist. The term misting really relates to the fact that a good misted image should look like it has a 'Mist' around it and have no trace of edge left at all! Faded edges on the other hand will have just the edges faded away! To ensure you have a good mist always check your edges by doing a preview in your web browser, this can be done within PSP by going to View: Preview in Web browser: if you see any trace of a hard edge then it is not misted correctly! Check your mist also by making a much larger canvas than your image and place a seperate layer underneath, Drop in a couple of random colors to check your mist edges. Neutral colors and black and white are all good to try!

Download the tutorial

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