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The News is of course that finally we are up and running here! This has been a large project as I have not only re-built the graphics side of things but also my personal site VISIONS and the VISIONS BLOG pay them a visit today~ The main idea was to put all my sites together on one main domain and to update the whole project. It's taken months to actually get to this point and there will still be lot's to do. Over the previous  3 years I have had a great deal of help from my online friend of some years Jewelzz she actually built the previous site and forum, but of course I cannot keep relying on others, so it was time to go it alone!. I  decided to change the Domain name from Studio Expressions to Digizaz. Simply this is an easy url. You can still access the old tutorials which are archived here. The biggest part of the project was moving my Kefalonia Blog to the site and changing it to Wordpress. It may be that I put a blog onto the PSP site...for I feel this is more fun and far more accessible to most people and of course you have the instant feedback.

This new site will have commercial supplies as well as free goodies.  My aim to keep supplies at an affordable price on the commercial side and make them available certain digital  products for commercial use also. Keep this site bookmarked for those!


Free wallpapers

Keep your eye on the wallpaper section as this will growand be updated as time allows.

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