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The resource pages are here to help you find one or two things around the internet I will focus on Free use programs and free items, I will add more and more as time goes by! This is your starting point for free programs.

Amazingly there are a great many good free resources out there if you do not have the money to buy the more expensive programs!  I use several free programs as well as my Corel PSPX and CS2, These include  a very good Free* program that is an excellent browser and also image manager called Faststone. This is an amazing program and you can even change the skins to suit your own tastes.

And the superb Open Office which is every bit as good as  the very expensive Microsoft Office. The free zipping Utility program called 7zip.  If you really don't want to spend money on graphic editing programs at this stage then you have a choice of downloading the free trials of Corel or Adobe. If you just want to see if you are going to get on with a graphics program then The Gimp is the best free one out there!

You will find a few good free tools. None of these are Trials they are all fully functional legally free programs!

** A little tip** No matter if you have the program...These programs are generally updated always check you have the latest version installed for maximum functionality!

So check out the links and if you have found something I may have missed that you thinks shoud be here then please  let me know via the email link on the top bar here!


Free Program Links

  1. Open Office
  2. FastStone Image viewer
  3. 7zip Unzipping and archiver
  4. The Gimp * Image manipulation program
  5. Vue 6 Personal learning EDT
  6. NVU wysiwyg HTML editor
  7. Filezilla free easy FTP
  8. ABR Viewer *Turns  Adobe brushes into png for any program
  9. The Font Thing "Great font viewer*
  10. Zone Alarm
  11. PDF Creator
  12. CCLean * Great clean up tool*
  13. Recuva * Recover deleted files on your HD and camera
  14. DAZ Studio *unbelievable but free!
  15. Wallpaper Changer
  16. Windows Photo Story * For creating Digitial slide shows*
  17. Post it notes *Yes for the PC*
  18. AVG Free Anti Virus
  19. CAM Studio Desktop screen recorder
  20. Mozilla Back up tool *Works well

I'm sure I can add to this list, but for now the list is as you see it enjoy! You can find more links in my Plugin Resources 2

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