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Resources 2 Plugins


The resource pages are here to help you find one or two things around the internet! On this page I will focus on Free use Plugins these are quite addicitive and these are all free ! They all work with Corel /PSP too!

Not in any particular order but generally where there is one Freebie means you will find more as in Cybia. You just need to look around the sites. Please take a moment to look at the tutorials I provide here they will help tremendously with your Plugins.

Installing Plugins: You will need to have two files : 
The MSCRVT Dll and the Plugin DLL  Here are two tutorials for you to download on Installing Plugins and organization, and of course where to put these files.

Free Plugins

  1. Virtual Photographer * Must Have*
  2. Flaming Pear 'Have Freebies"
  3. VanDerlee Have freebies
  4. Little Ink Pot Freebies
  5. Luce * Great light effects
  6. Xero *Another must have set*
  7. Harrys filters and More
  8. Eye Candy Free Version 3
  9. 8BF.Net
  10. Amphisoft *Scroll down for Freebs
  11. SinedotsII
  12. Topaz  DE Jpg * Neat plugin* Bottom of page
  13. Cybia Viveda *Love this*
  14. Cybia G Force
  15. Cybia Mezzy
  16. Cybia Colorworks
  17. Cybia Emboss Works * there are more just look 
  18. Ulead Freebies" at bottom"
  19. Scotts box shot Maker
  20. Mehdi "Lots to play with"
  21. Distortit
  22. Photoplugins * a few useful ones here*
  23. Paint Engine *must have*
  24. FM Tile tools * 7 Filters enabled*
  25. Simple **'Great set*
  26. NVR Border Mania
  27. Impressionist

    I'm sure I can add to this list, but for now the list is as you see it enjoy! You can find more links in my Program Resources 1

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