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The Amber Jewell to the right is a gift to all that enter the tutorial site! Simply right click the image to 'save as' to your folders. Amber has long been associated with good luck, courage, healing and self confidence. Ancient greeks called it Elektron. from which derives the word 'Electricity' Find out more about Amber A great site and lovely Jewellry!

As you will see things are a little different in the Tutorial section. Quite simply, I prefer to give you the opportunity to download the tutorials for your personal use, rather than the old method of web read. All the latest tutorials are available in PDF format only you will need the latest version of Adobe Reader to view them! It is a valuable tool these days as many tutorials are available in PDF format and they are easier to print out if you wish!

You will also need an uzipping program there are many out there but a great freebie which you can get here 7zip

There is a fairly broad spectrum of Tutorials and some of the older tutorials which I will put into an Archive will be available as web pages which you can still view online! These tutorials are all done in PSP *Paint shop Pro from Version 7 up to X.

You will find that most tutorials can also be done in most graphics programs that give the facility of individual layers, Such as Photoshop Elements through to CS alll versions.

Tutorial Archives
These tutorials are from my former site www.psp.studio-expressions.com and are availabe for you to visit. These are still in web pages and are not available in PDF format. Please Refer to TERMS Below

  1. Aged Mosaic
  2. Brush Text
  3. Bezier Heart
  4. Beginners Template
  5. Dashing Ding Mask
  6. Desktop Calendar
  7. Checkered Tag
  8. Cheats Mist
  9. Cracked Ice
  10. Cue and Brush
  11. Frames Galore
  12. Glaze Glass
  13. Image Mirage
  14. Image in Shape
  15. Paint A Template
  16. Peep O Cut out
  17. Quick Charlie sig
  18. Over The Rainbow sig
  19. Selecting Accents
  20. Selecing Patterns
  21. Simple Shape Mask
  22. Simply Colored Template
  23. Soft and Sylized Template
  24. Stretch Text
  25. Woman Power Template
  26. Empty

Terms of Use

All images: Tutorials: on this site are ©Digizaz.com * unless otherwise stated* Please respect this. No image or tutorial on this site may be uploaded: passed via email forum or web site. nor shared: or sold. or claimed as your own. If you wish to link to these pages please do so via a text link only to www.digizaz.com do not directly link to any image or tutorial.

Any image you make as a result of a tutorial from here "Providing it is not an exact copy/replica " you are free to do whatever you wish with it.


Latest Tutorials

Mist and Blend

march 08

Miist and blend 3 or more images to create a pretty template that tells a story!

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march 08

If you like playing with scrapbook styles then this simple 2 part tutorial will give you an eye catching result

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Consequat ultrices

march 08

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